The cornerstone of Respekt Danmark was laid by manufacturer Vagn Paaskesen back in 1964. This is a classic success story. A single person driven by a committed entrepreneurial spirit starts his own business. At rented premises in Rømersgade in the old Grønttorv in Copenhagen, Vagn Paaskesen himself manages both production and sales while his family help out. Both customer base and staff numbers slowly increase. The family still plays a major role in the company as late as 2017. As part of a generational handover, assets are sold to Michael Høyer and Rikke Birch who both have many years’ experience in the industry.

Respekt Danmark is currently a state-of-the-art business powered by innovative ideas. We know that the real world is all about the rising demands that are made of production development, production facilities and the ability to identify our customers’ opportunities in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our modern production equipment is our strength. Combined with constructive dialogue about business development on the product side, it generates completely new opportunities for optimising our customers’ bottom line.

We are in no doubt that the key to our success has been our ability to retain the flexibility and service excellence of a small company combined with an innovative approach. We are very much aware that the mutual trust that characterises our customer relationships has to be based on our ability to assist our customers in their business development to enhance their bottom line. At Respekt Danmark, we recognise the value of close partnerships with our customers. Our contribution becomes more valuable, the closer we work with the customer – and the requirements made of us become more precise and relevant.